Campaign: Middle-Earth (The third era)

Middle-earth is a wild, beautiful and vast world full of people from different cultures with their own ancient mysteries. Things unknown to even the oldest of seers. If these secrets are discovered, the question remains unknown which of them bear ill-tidings or blessings upon the world of Middle-earth.

The world itself is in eternal flux..
The molten core, The chaotic winds in the sky, The raging dark oceans, the mighty earth itself. This is the result of the music of Aru and the Ahnur. Middle-earth is chaos, harmony and order, just like the aspects of music. Listen to the world and revel in its beauty.

There is a growing darkness in Middle-Earth. Beware the shadows of the underdark and the void.

- Exerpt of the libram of legendarium. Translated and published by the Pathfinder Society